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Introducing Tandem

Tandem is a mobile ethnographic research platform that utilises people's smartphones, the most personal technology they own. You can connect with your target audience anytime, anywhere to discover their thoughts, feelings and motivations. It's fun for study participants who show very high (+90%) engagement rates and responsiveness to the creative questions, tasks and activities they're set.

Researchers and insight specialists use Tandem for one-to-one activities like pre-tasking and customer journey mapping, but it can be used by anyone who needs to understand consumers. For more on mobile ethnography, download our guide.

  • Participant engagement

    Great design and UX that your participants will love. Tandem's flexibility allows you to iterate activities and vary interaction with participants to keep their attention. It like a researcher's dream box of tricks.

  • Do your best research

    Tandem has best practice baked-in. The platform supports you to use the most effective research methods, with a comprehensive library of tooltips and templates. You can engage with up to 100 participants at a time.

  • Multi-media insights

    Pictures and videos can offer a shortcut to deep insight and are as important to your research as written responses. Your participants can upload images, video, text and more. You can design activities that encourage them to share their visual world with you.

  • Flexible activity builder

    You need the ability to ask questions in different ways. Whether you want to be implicit or explicit, Tandem's flexible activity builder will help you capture the information you need, creating modular activities with a mix of qual and quant tasks.

  • Powerful in-platform tagging and coding

    Being able to uncover key themes in your data without leaving the platform saves you time and effort. Tandem lets you start tagging and coding your data as soon as it arrives, using text-tags, annotation and emojis.

  • In-platform analytics

    No more downloading to multiple spreadsheets before getting stuck into the big insights! Tandem’s workspace has a set of tools that allows you to analyse your data, then export reports.

Using Tandem

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