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Further empowers your customers, consumers and target audiences to help build strong brands, co-create valuable products, services and experiences, through our proprietary technology platform and innovative research tools and techniques.


Human Insight

It's not enough to know just what your customers or target consumers are doing, you need to know why, and what they truly value in the context of their complex and fast-changing worlds.

We dive deep and immerse ourselves, with you, into their lives to capture and understand the moments that matter the most, and the motivations and triggers behind them.

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Branding & Communication

We employ brand insight tools and techniques to unearth how people think and feel about the brands they let into their lives.

From developing a brand hierarchies, testing communication campaigns to establishing values and stretch zones , we use this expertise to define the leading approach for your brand challenges.

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Innovation / NPD

Innovation is essential for the survival of brands and organisations big and small, but many struggle with the speed and quality of innovation, and find themselves challenged by disruptive start-ups. We focus on understanding where people have difficulties, establishing what they truly care about and value, and how to involve them collaboratively in the innovation process.

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Harnessing next generation technology for research, crowdsourcing and concept testing, we go further than insight to ensure we drive change to quickly deliver products and services consumers value.

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“Further brought expertise to the table which helped us in all aspects of the project, from recruiting high-quality participants to fielding creative exercises and synthesizing the observations to key findings and insights. Not only did we get a first-hand view inside the lives and minds of our target consumer, but we also surfaced some great ideas and unexpected gems that are helping our client launch a new product with real confidence that we are doing the right thing! ”

Structuring collaboration with consumers to capture insight and inspire new ideas requires skill and experience. Download our free guide now to learn how

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