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What commuters really think

Getting to know commuters thoughts and experiences

Atlantic Design were commissioned by Eversholt Rail Group (ERG) to upgrade and enhance train carriages serving busy South East London commuter routes. This included seating layouts, traffic routes and the overall commuter experience. 

The team at Atlantic Design sought to adopt a human-centred approach to the design process, engaging Further to capture and interpret commuter experiences (in context), attitudes and behaviours, and responses to a range of concepts and design proposals. The overarching aim was to prioritise future developments in a more structured and collaborative way.

“Further enabled us to enforce a more empathic, human-centred approach to the redesign, to bring travel experiences (and limitations) to life and place commuters at the front and centre of ERG’s considerations. This was the first time we employed this method of research and our client was delighted, not only by the findings, but how the people were delicately involved in the design process, as collaborative partners.”
Graham Love, Director
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