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Helping Gymshark understand the UK's fitness community

Growing Customer Base And Delivering New Gymwear Products

Gym and fitness wear enable people to express themselves and is often be tied to their sporting identities and values. To broaden the brand’s appeal and engage new audiences, we needed to surface the wider fitness community’s habits, attitudes and preferences.

Using an in-depth and highly agile consumer immersion, we surfaced and explored the everyday experiences of fitness enthusiasts, including events that to them were mundane, commonplace or important to hide in the pursuit of physical perfection. It was, however, these exact elements that surfaced the insight we needed to develop new campaign ideas and creative platforms.

“After just a few days of in-depth discussion and exploration, thanks to a series of thought-provoking activities, we got a unique and unprecedented peek at the hidden struggles that the fitness community experiences in the pursuit of perfection, and of the strategies they put in place to overcome adversity and keep motivated.”
Dr. John Whittle, Senior Research Strategist
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