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Savings, how boring. Think again!

Unearthing consumer attitudes in a creative way

The Foundation used our Together insight platform in a project that helped their client uncover attitudes towards savings and money. Their creative approach used projective techniques that helped elicit genuinely insightful responses from participants. The research resulted in a complete shift in how the client thought about savings products, and was the beginning of a journey to develop an evidence-based, customer-centric approach that went far beyond the usual 'rate-based' saving offers.

“We wanted to get detailed information on participants’ spending and saving behaviours and on different types of expenditure. We needed to track how these changed over the course of a month. We also wanted to tap into unexplored emotions linked to money management and savings. Our aim was to get fine-grained individual profiles to enrich subsequent face-to-face, in-home interviews. Using Together, it was also possible to let senior stakeholders within the client organisation ‘walk in their customers’ shoes’. This was invaluable.”
Anna Miley, Director, The Foundation
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