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Keeping OMD culturally connected

Your Voice is OMD’s proprietary online community, hosted on Further’s research community platform, Together. It enables OMD’s research team talk to real Britons every day about their lives, their motivations and the brands they love, ensuring that insight is at the heart of everything OMD do for the leading consumer brands they work for.

Within the Your Voice community, OMD’s research and community management team conduct regular testing of communication campaigns (using heat mapping technology), conduct customer journey research to understand decision-making, and explore product categories for their clients including Disney, Hasbro and Eurotunnel.

“What is great about Your Voice is that we are able to align our members by their interests, point of views, purchase and decision making behaviours. For example, we have been able to quickly categorise recent Christmas shopping behaviours to determine a number of key groups including ‘The Christmas Enthusiast’, ‘The Planner’ and ‘The Bargain Hunter’. This has allowed us to develop hypotheses about the consumer journey around Christmas time. We’ll use this to inform our communications planning for our clients next year, ensuring that our campaigns hit the relevant audiences at the right time.”
Sarah Gale, OMD
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