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Why Unicef wanted to understand family life

All organisations are under pressure to increase and diversify their income generation streams. Charities need to keep existing donors engaged, attract new ones and compete in a crowded and fiercely competitive marketplace. To succeed, they need constant rethinking and reinvention.

“Working with Further was a refreshing and eye-opening experience. Through close collaboration, clear dialogue and a deep understanding of our end goal, I was able to work with them to create the perfect series of exercises that would deliver the insight we required to ideate successful new products and initiatives. Further worked at pace and allowed me to get incredibly close to the process. I could see how people were interacting in real-time, responding to my prompts. I was able to delve deeper and get a profound understanding of the pressures and challenges our audience faced. We learned a significant amount about them, insights which spoke to powerful emotions which we could help with. I can see myself working with Further on future products based on their professionalism, as an organisation, but also the quality of their output which was excellent.”
Anand Modha, New Ventures Manager (Innovation)

Having identified that ‘families’ may have a natural affinity with Unicef and be fertile territory, Unicef commissioned Further to explore the nature of family life. The research team at Further involved 33 British families (including mothers and children) in an online community. This deeply immersive method enabled the team to get close to the everyday lives of the chosen families. It also allowed the client to be actively involved in the process from beginning to end.

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