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Online Research Communities

Imagine getting people from your ideal target audience in one place. What would you like to ask them?

Online research communities, aka MROCs, provide a great forum for exploring what people think and feel about your brand, products and services. They're a superb way of unearthing valuable human insights that can be used in many different ways, from advertising and messaging, to product development and the co-creation of ideas and new consumer approaches. Platform technologies enable a creative and structured approach to online research. Setting tasks and activities that get your participants engaged and interacting takes skill, but we can help you achieve your objectives here.



What happens in an online community?

Participants are recruited from your target audience segments. As part of the study, they complete questions, tasks and activities such as online diaries, community discussions, bulletin boards, polls, surveys and blogs. They can submit media, including videos and images, that help you better understand their lives. Individual responses can be probed in either a private or community setting. Discussions can be opened up to others by the community manager or moderator. A skilled researcher will seek to develop and test the insights they uncover within the community.

Why use online communities?

Explore ideas, test and fine tune concepts, develop thinking, crystallise direction and decision-making. Communities help you unlock consumer-centric creativity and re-engage with brand advocates. Online communities are a great tool for getting to the heart of what consumers think about all kinds of things. You can test messaging, concepts, designs – or even develop and co-create new products and services.


Quick or slow, they’re always efficient. Communities can be a very efficient way of finding out what you need to know. Some, such as OMD’s 'Your Voice' UK, run for years and others for a matter of days or weeks. We can advise you on lean and agile research methodologies that get you insights as quickly and effectively as possible.


Change your approach and get connected to your consumers! Qualitative research deals directly with consumer contexts. It adds colour to your 'big data' and let's you test and generate fresh ideas with consumers. Marketing is shifting from a position of brand control to one of brand collaboration with consumers. Where does your organisation stand on this?


What do your workforce really think? Typically, large organisations overlook their employees creative thinking preferring to outsource this to consultants and agencies. Online communities can be a great way of engaging with groups of employees to discover what they really think and uncover novel solutions to problems.


Online communities are cost-effective. Compared to offline and traditional market research. There’s also no physical barrier to participation with +80% of the UK population are online. Using our Together Platform, you can run community studies anywhere in the world in 35 different languages, getting answers and insights rapidly.

Community Moderation

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Check out our resources area. It's jam-packed with guides, presentations, videos and best practice that cover off all aspects of online qualitative research.

Best Practice Tips for Community Moderation


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