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Tandem makes pre-tasking simple

If you’re planning a focus group or online community as part of a study, you’ll probably want to run a pre-task ‘homework’ exercise beforehand. This allows you to get a window into the world of your participants. Pre-tasks are also a great ways to get participants 'warmed-up' and thinking about the topic, so that they arrive prepared for group discussion. Examples of pre-task activities include food or media consumption diaries. Using an online pre-tasking tool like Tandem is secure, saves you time on paperwork and increases participant engagement.

Why use Tandem for pre-tasking?

Further’s mobile research platform is designed specifically for pre-tasks and diaries. For the researcher, Tandem can be used to screen the best participants and pinpoint areas for further exploration during the study. There's a range of tools that support creative tasks and exercises, so participant engagement is typically +90%. Tandem is also secure and compliant with data legislation i.e. GDPR - unlike community apps like WhatsApp. Participants are normally within arms length of their phones 24/7, so in-depth coverage of target audiences is possible. Tandem mimics social media functionality that participants are familiar with, so it's easy and convenient for them to upload video, image and text in response to tasks. They can use Tandem's 'moments' functionality to add ad-hoc thoughts and commentary outside of the structured pre-task framework. 

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What can you do with the information you collect?

Researchers can tag and filter content, by word, phrase or sentence. It makes it easy to create tailored reports of the data by individual entry or the entire group. Using Tandem, you can also aggregate responses from all participants at the click of a button, to get a feel for what the whole group thinks. Tagged content, such as videos, images or text, can be downloaded and used for presentations, and used to steer the main study. You can easily share content and insights with your wider team and clients.

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How we can help you go Further

As well helping you to use Tandem successfully, we can also help you recruit your participants. We can advise on participant screening, uploading and on-boarding processes. If you're new to online qualitative research, we can help design activities and tasks that will set you up for success with your main study. We'll even help you load up and optimise your pre-task schedule, so that the whole thing runs like clockwork.

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Mobile Ethnography

Mobile ethnography is the technical term used by researchers to describe how they use smartphone technology to observe people going about their lives. It's now possible for anyone in a consumer facing role to source answers from target audiences regarding their products, services or brand. To find out more about mobile ethnography, download our essential guide.



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