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Webinar: How to Make Procurement Your Agency's Friend

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What's it about?

What if procurement was your friend and not your enemy? Imagine how much more work you could win! Yet agency leaders see the procurement process as a painful obstacle course they need to stumble through. With heads in hands, despairingly asking 'why?', they think that procurement exists to block and not to enable. Procurement doesn't want to see the brilliant creative and stats you've put together in response to the RFP, they just want to see the spreadsheet and forms. Worst of all, how dare they ask me how much profit I'm making! The reality is that procurement performs an essential business function and, with big brands, there's no getting round the scrutiny. So why not learn how to become a friend to procurement and turn the obstacle into an opportunity?

We will cover...

  • What procurement objectives are and how you can understand their motives.
  • How can you make procurement your friend by giving them what they need.
  • How can you grow your relationship with procurement and turn it into an ‘unfair advantage’ over other agencies.
  • We'll offer both agency and brand perspectives


Mike Lander is well known in agency land and in business. He's the chairman of Re:signal and is a successful entrepreneur with a proven track record of buying, growing and selling businesses. As well as his experience on the sourcing and procurement battlefield, he brings to the workshop his experience of building and running successful businesses across sectors.

Mike Lander

Mike Lander

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