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Mobile Ethnography

Mobile ethnography gets you into the lives of your target audiences as never before. Smartphones are invaluable in our busy lives and, for the majority, it’s the most personal technology they own. Mobiles are rarely beyond arms reach, which offer 24/7 insight opportunities to qualitative researchers and anyone else whose role involves understanding consumers.

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Modern online market research

Digital ethnography has supplanted traditional ethnographic research applications because of cost considerations and also because of convenience. People are comfortable using their mobile phones and prepared to share details of their lives in the same way they would on social media. Organisations are expanding beyond their traditional geographic areas, making online research ideal for understanding remote target audiences. Often, the best insights come from content that is volunteered by people in-the-moment, making mobile ethnography a powerful tool.

Why use mobile ethnography?

Mobile ethnography is a great way of generating the insights you need from consumers at the pace of modern business. It can offer 24/7 coverage of target audiences who are rarely without their phones. It's convenient and natural for people to express themselves using media like video, images and text via their phones and there are exceptional engagement rates from participants using research platforms like Tandem. Mobile ethnography is great for in-the-moment research and for areas of online market research like customer journey mapping and pre-tasking.

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Consumer lifestyle contexts that yield insights

Having access to your target audience around the clock is invaluable. You can discover the real contexts within which people live their lives, as well as their interactions with brands, products and services. Using a research platform like Tandem, it’s possible to cut through the noise and discover genuine consumer experiences. Mobile ethnography is performed on a one-to-one basis, researcher to participant, which allows in-depth exploration of topics or themes. In combination with other digital ethnographic techniques it can be used as a powerful tool to discover the truth around what people think, feel and what motivates them.

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How we can help

Further have a great deal of experience when it comes to helping our clients with their online market research. Our team can support you all the way with everything from recruitment and study design, to using technology like Tandem or Together for online research.

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Essential Guide

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