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Creative Medical Research (CMR) decided to ‘go mobile’ in a study that explored people’s attitudes to health and wellbeing. They were able to get up to speed quickly with Further's research platform, mobile methodology and a new workflow. Easy right?

Fortune favours the bold

It’s no small feat to try new technology. It takes a bit of bravery, some trust and some faith in your own expertise as a researcher. Exploring the topic of health and wellbeing is unique to each individual and we were determined to help the team at CMR bring this out in the individuals they were talking to. CMR were initially drawn to Together for its functionality that makes the set up and administration of tasks, like online diaries, simple. Our team advised on how to get the most from the platform, CMR then set the tasks and activities up to get the most from the participants.

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So, how did CMR achieve their goals with the study?

CMR wanted to understand how their cohort felt about their health within the context of their daily lives. Participants were placed into 3 distinct segments that were tracked in Together during the study. In particular, CMR wanted to understand how people perceived their current situation and what aspects they wanted to change or improve. Using Together over the course of 7-days, the CMR team was able to classify and tag participant goals and aims, uncover unmet needs, triggers and motivations for change.

How did it turn out?

Tandem enabled CMR to generate a series of holistic insights about people’s day-to-day routines, behaviours, motivations and aspirations. Participants showed a high level of engagement with the activities and tasks they were set. Using a mobile platform made it simple for participants to capture health related images, such as those of meals, as well as their health-related thoughts and feelings on video. The study also provided insights into the technologies people use to monitor their health. Smartphones and smart devices have become central to people’s lives, they are rarely more than arms-length away and the apps they contain provide great utility and connectivity. This delivers opportunity for the researcher. For example, it was simple for participants to screen grab images of the number of steps they’d taken that day from exercise apps, which could be used to validate their other commentary. Inputting information into online diaries becomes frictionless and far more representative when it’s submitted ‘in the moment’ using a platform that’s highly intuitive.


“The Tandem platform was exactly what we needed to get to know our participants. It allowed us to understand their current state of mind, their health and how these related to their wellbeing. It was also interesting to discover how they went about monitoring their health, if at all. Tasks we gave respondents included a continuous diary, daily activities and various prompts and sign posts. The study was designed to fit seamlessly with the respondents’ natural environment and allowed us to access to valuable real-time data. At the end of week’s participation, this information was analysed and the insights gathered served as the building blocks for the subsequent video enabled online focus group.”

Amy Heaslip, Research Manager, Creative Medical Research


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