Be inspired by how Further has applied its technology and agile research methods to meet the needs of modern marketers and researcher. If you'd like to talk through your particular research project, we're here to help!

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Developing Paw-fect Personas

How do you go about really understanding then illuminating your target audiences? Great qual research gets you into their lives...
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Full Service Research Projects

A summary of all the human insight we've delivered recently for our brand and agency clients.
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Entering A New Market With Confidence

As a well-established business, expanding into new markets can be part of a natural progression. You’ve got a product or...
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What Do Health And Wellbeing Really Mean To People In The UK?

We are feeling stressed in the UK and, thankfully, there is a growing awareness of the underlying mental and physical...
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Using Insight To Develop A Disruptive Insurance Proposition

VouchForMe is a European insuretech start-up. Their innovative blockchain product and novel approach towards trust, and the power of social...
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Motivating Your Sales Team

Sales teams have a vested interest in creating engaging collateral. They know their customers, they understand their pain points and...
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Reimagining Condé Nast International’s Brand

Reimagining ‘mission and vision’ statements is a challenge, even for small organisations. If you’re one of the world’s most successful...
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Savings, How Boring. Think Again!

What drives people to save or spend? Why do people choose savings products? What would motivate people to save, given...
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The Sweet Smell of Bacon Product Innovation

Further were challenged to unearth fresh insight into how people across six markets use and consume bacon. But the challenge...
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