We hope you'll be inspired by how we've applied our market research technologies and know-how to real-world research projects all over the globe. If you'd like to talk through your particular research project, we're here to help!

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Nine Ways To Improve Your Online Research Communities

Online research communities offer a superb environment in which to study your target audience group. With skilled moderation, you can...
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Research Briefing Template

A Research Briefing Template for commissioning market research from agencies. It can be used by agencies to get the information...
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A Guide to Qualitative Research Methods

A hugely practical guide to qualitative research methods. We examine online and offline research methodologies, the features, the advantages and...
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Qualitative Research Methods Table

Every researcher and insight specialist should have this on their desktop! Taken from the Qualitative Research Methods Guide, this one...
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Community Moderation Best Practice Tips

Moderation is the key that unlocks the insights that a community has to offer. It demands careful planning, strategy, and...
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Essential Guide to Mobile Ethnography

Ethnography has morphed into a new discipline, where the participants themselves are the researchers, capable of documenting and sharing their...
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How to get better engagement from online research communities

Research communities offer an innovative and effective way to conduct agile qualitative research both on and offline. You can uncover...
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Your Guide to Online Qualitative Research

Online qualitative research is now an established methodology that is widely practiced around the world by researchers, planners, and strategists...
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Guide to consumer collaboration and co-creation

Consumer co-creation, or the act of creating shared value in a product or service with consumers, is actually nothing new...
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