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Using Insight To Develop A Disruptive Insurance Proposition

VouchForMe is a European ‘insuretech’ start-up. Their innovative blockchain product and novel approach towards trust, and the power of social connections, has the potential to completely disrupt the consumer insurance market. However, great ideas and new products need testing. We helped them shape and hone their proposition for the UK market.

Our research design required an online research community with 30 carefully selected consumers. Hosted on our Together™ platform, we designed activities that surfaced people’s complex attitudes towards trust, risk, friendship and family – and how these intersect with attitudes to money. We also combined a range of individual and group discussions, surveys, heat mapping exercises, projective techniques and media related tasks including video responses.

The leadership team at VouchForMe observed the community in real-time, which in turn enabled our research team to quickly probe and deep-dive interesting topics as they surfaced. This approach resulted in response and engagement rates of around 90%.

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