We hope you'll be inspired by how we've applied our market research technologies and know-how to real-world research projects all over the globe. If you'd like to talk through your particular research project, we're here to help!

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LinkedIn - Co-creating Learning and Development Solutions

As part of its continued diversification plan, LinkedIn sought to develop the future of online learning and development (L&D) solutions...
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GfK - Target Audience Responses to a New TV Show

Working in partnership with GfK, a private online research community was created to engage the target audience over a period...
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Macmillan - Engaging Hard to Reach Groups

The challenge centred around how to reach-out and engage such hard-to-reach groups, and how to sensitively handle discussions with cancer...
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FUEL Research and Consulting - Driver Experiences in Thailand

Our client, an expert in customer relationship management, sought a user-centred approach to develop mobile driver communication support in Thailand...
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Unicef - Exploring Family Attitudes to Fundraising

The research team at Further involved 33 British families (including mothers and children) in an online community. This deeply immersive...
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Amira Rice - Understanding Key Customer Groups

Amira's plans for future global expansion have increased the need to enrich customer understanding in key markets, and connect with...
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How to Design a Train Carriage - Atlantic Design and Eversholt Rail Group

The team at Atlantic Design sought to adopt a human-centred approach to the design process, engaging Further to capture and...
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