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Online Qual Research Activity Templates: Brand Insight Research Study

Download & customise inspiring online qual research activity template for your brand insight study. Researchers lose a lot of valuable time designing research from scratch, or figuring out how to optimise their design for online environment and chosen platform.

Your Activity Templates will make it easier for you to get real brand insight in your research study. Answer the most critical business questions, and make key decisions faster and with more confidence.

Download your brand insight templates and get:

  • Richer, deeper, faster insight
  • Simple and easy to use and customise
  • Mix and match activies - The Activity Templates include a range of activies, from warm-ups and ice-breakers, to deep cultural immersion projects and concept testing
  • A better participant experience, resulting in less support requirements
  • Heightened engagement - activity-based approach engages participants, resulting in greater data quality

Further’s Activity Library is a collection of activity templates designed to unlock game-changing insights across a range of some of the most common research projects and use cases, including Brand Insight & Brand Perceptions, Innovation and NPD, and Communication Testing.

To access the activity templates for a Brand Insight Study simply submit your details below et voila!

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