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MASTERCLASS: How To Win More Online Qual Research Projects

Researchers are increasingly moving towards doing qualitative research online after having done it in-person for a long time.

However, we keep hearing that some of you are hitting walls.

When approaching clients with online research communities or mixed method approaches that include online qual, there are objections and pushback that can be hard to overcome. We get it.

Questions from clients like..

  • Why does online qual sometimes cost more than doing it in-person?
  • How can we be sure that we’ll get the same depth of insight as doing the research in-person?
  • How can we participate and / or follow the research as it is taking place?

There’s a huge opportunity to be doing more qualitative research online, if only you can get your clients to buy into it.

To help you overcome these hurdles, specialist online qual and research community trainer and consultant, Dr. John Whittle, has run this masterclass to help overcome these hurdles.

We've run this masterclass on many occasions, and always the same response comes our way a few weeks later..

“We‘re beginning to hear ‘yes’ and pick up some new projects!”

At the end of the class you will be better armed to convert more online qual briefs and inspire clients with richer, deeper consumer insights.

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