FUEL Research and Consulting - Driver Experiences in Thailand

Our client, an expert in customer relationship management, sought a user-centred approach to develop mobile driver communication support in Thailand. A holistic view of the driver experience was essential to shape and inform strategic planning.

On this basis, FUEL Research & Consulting were commissioned to explore car journey making from a driver’s perspective, including the various pain points and frustrations associated with travel.

The team at FUEL Research & Consulting recognised the need to use an ethnographic approach capable of capturing journey moments in context and in real time. Traditional ethnography was too expensive and impractical, it would have taken far too much time. Researchers sought to exploit drivers’ relationships with their mobile phones to get as close as possible to the real journeys being made.

Further shared advice on best practice for participant engagement and activity design to leverage the full range of benefits using the online qualitative approach. This helped to achieve excellent levels of participation with exceptional quality feedback.


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