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Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping is a strategic process that seeks to map out the multiple and often complex interactions that a customer has with a brand, product or service. It requires the capture of customer touchpoints over time, and helps with the creation and design of better experiences that enhance customer loyalty. 

Mapping customer touchpoints using mobile research

People experience brands, products and services every day across many different locations, on multiple devices, online and offline, in-the-moment and over time. We know that people make choices based on the quality of their experiences. We understand that their relationship with the brand, product or service is sometimes constructed from hundreds of composite experiences and moments, all of which need to be captured, understood, interpreted and improved upon in future. 

What better way to evaluate customer touchpoints than utilising the technology people have within arms reach at all times, their smartphones.
How to map customer journeys

Capturing the right high-quality data from your target audience is critical to discovering insights and leads to great decision making. Designing your research study in a way that will optimise participant engagement and with tasks that are well-structured, is critical to success. Further's team can help you design and setup your study using our Tandem platform, or be on-hand to support you to do it yourself. We’re flexible and will do our best to help you achieve the best possible outcomes. 

Design And Setup
Capturing customer moments

Once your study is setup and ready to go, you can sit back and monitor the data coming in. Participants will share their everyday experiences with you via their mobile phones including pictures, video, emoticons and text-based data. You can choose to interact with your participants, or not, depending upon your objectives. Tandem has 'moments' functionality which allows participants to record ad-hoc material outside of the normal study framework, great for capturing people's thoughts on the move.

Capture V2
Analysing customer data

Analysing and interpreting data is skilled work. Tandem’s filters and tags make it easy to mark and extract all the great insights into a usable format. You can quickly review aggregated data for tasks and questions at the click of a button, useful for when you need to get a feel for responses across your entire target audience. You can work with other researchers and teams to derive ideas, concepts and meaning both during and after the study. 

Step 3

Want to really understand your consumers?

We help marketers, designers, creatives, strategists and researchers the world over to receive feedback and derive insight from customers, consumers and employees. 


Etho Download

Mobile Ethnography

Mobile ethnography is the technical term used by researchers to describe how they use smartphone technology to observe people going about their lives. It's now possible for anyone in a consumer facing role to source answers from target audiences regarding their products, services or brand. To find out more about mobile ethnography, download our essential guide.



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