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Cultural Analytics

A platform to accelerate the discovery and exploration phase of creative and strategic growth projects

What is Cultural Analytics?

Cultural Analytics is a new way to quickly analyse and explore vast amounts of unstructured cultural data - twitter, instagram, news sites, blogs etc - that otherwise can't be done by humans alone. You'll surface new insight and foresight, and spot opportunities for your brand - in a matter of days, not weeks!

Cultural Analytics will help you..

  • Measure the messaging of one company’s website against the competition
  • Improve your customer experience
  • Segment and profile your target audience (including mapping customer archetypes)
  • Understand trends across categories or the wider society
  • Identify emerging opportunities
  • Decode brand messaging
  • Capture, map and understand consumer journeys and touch points
  • Generate new platforms for innovation and NPD
  • Understand consumers’ experiences and drivers of behaviour
  • Understand current and emerging consumer needs
  • Position, differentiate and align your brand
  • Analyse your competitors' brands
  • Understand and prioritise complex issues relating to your brand
  • Understand consumer’s language structures and how to align your brand language
“The big thing when we think about data is that in isolation it’s pretty meaningless. It needs to have an intuitive context, so its about how you use it to enrich an experience for a consumer.”

How it works

Cultural Analytics uses AI and machine learning technology to bridge the gap between big data and human intuition, making insight faster, cheaper and better. Combined with human thinking, interpretation and activation, you'll uncover new meaning and insight to help make better decisions and decide what to do next.

You can run individual projects or ongoing tracking studies to stay tuned with consumer sentiment and shifting worlds.

Step 1 - We sit down with you to understand your goals and chosen outcomes, and agree the brief. This includes identifying where the data is coming from and what need their is to acquire new datasets.

Step 2 - We collect the data and structure it ready for processing with using the AI platform and the agreed frameworks

Step 3 - We run the automated analytics with your datasets and let the magic happen

Step 4 - We report back to you - either once or at regular intervals - with insight, foresight and strategic recommendations

What's the problem that Cultural Analytics is addressing?

Brands have access to and are sitting on mountains of unstructured data they simply aren’t getting value and insight from. Now they have the capacity to analyse it (since it’s too much for humans to do) and make better decisions.

What kind of data can be analysed?

Data that can be analysed includes NPS, blogs and social media, community data, and website, news and review sites, customer support and satisfaction surveys.

How much does it cost?

Cultural Analytics is both quick and highly cost effective. Costs are determined by the amount of data analysed, where it comes from, and the outputs and style of reporting.

Costs include:

  1. Briefing and project setup
  2. Data acquisition costs (if required)
  3. Data processing and analysis
  4. Reporting / consultancy

Individual projects start at £2,000

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